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Woy Woy Tennis Club is a family friendly club focused on delivering a quality sporting environment that accommodates tennis enthusiasts of all ages and skills. We are dedicated to providing and maintaining a quality tennis oriented facilities for our members and the community that we service.

The club's goals are:

  • To place greater importance on the social aspects of tennis rather than being purely competition and results driven.

  • To foster an atmosphere in which tennis players of all skill levels can meet other people, develop friendships as well as find tennis players of a similar level to play with at the club.

  • To provide a range of activities such as coaching, training and social tennis in order for people to learn and improve on their tennis skills and participate in social events the Tennis Club may be holding

  • To promote the growth, prosperity and development of the Tennis Club in order to enhance the potential of both the facility and the tennis community.

  • To manage the Tennis Club on a non-profit basis, in such a way that all revenues received will be reinvested into the Tennis Club and benefit the community as a whole.

  • To encourage and support community oriented activities by engaging with directly with local community stakeholders and partners.

  • To manage and operate the Tennis Club in such a fashion as to ensure membership fees will be kept to a minimum ensuring that the Club is accessible to all members of the community.

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